Are you an Arts & Crafts store owner? Let me help you sell more! 

COVID-19 has changed the way we live, the way we interact with eachother, the way we take courses or workshops, and also the way we buy or sell...

I feel that my whole life of working over the internet (even from times of dial-up!) has been preparing me for this moment.

I KNOW how to work online. I've done it for almost 2 decades. I can help your store adjust to the "new normal", get your message through to your clients, and provide them what they need in this new reality.

Subscribe to my Stores Resources VIP area, to access all of my professional contents, with tips on how to implement them in your Social Media channels, website and newsletters, to boost your store sales for as long as you are subscribed!

There are 2 different plans to choose from, depending on your needs and budget, each including new content uploaded DAILY (except weekends ;) ) starting on December 1st, 2020.

Join the"Photographs Plus" Plan and access all my professional photographs of:

  • Products in their original packaging, displayed in creative ways

  • Products in use in different projects

  • Color Palettes for inspiration

  • Creative quotes for inspiration

  • Suggestions on what to promote for each photo or asset (the product itself, what features can be highlighted for each photo, what application or use, a tip or technique, etc) to make it even more interesting and enriching to your audience.

  • Interactive Q&A database to evacuate any doubts on any of the products I promote, that you or your clients may have.

  • Get listed in my Partner Stores section, where I send all my students and followers to buy from.

  • Get a dedicated monthly 15% discount cupon on all my courses to give to your clients when they buy anything from you, so you focus on selling products while I teach them how to use them. This will make them want to go back to your store monthly for a new cupon ;) 

  • Free access to the monthly store training webinar.

Join the "Multimedia Plus" plan and access all the above, and:

  • Weekly Instagram Reels (trendy 15-second videos), also good for IG & Facebook stories, promoting products in use (at least 4 new per month).

  • Mini video-tutorials that you can share in your blogs and SM to promote your products (at least 2 new per month).

  • Product reviews to learn and teach your audience all about what's new, and how to use them (at least 2 new per month).

  • Email and whatsapp assistance during weekdays and usual working hours.

Subscribe now, let me help you get your followers' attention... 

The best investment you can make for your store in the new Online Revolution.

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