If we don't change..." (Blog post in English)

Here are some very exciting news!
After 8 intense and amazing years, I am finally closing my e-shop of physical products on June 30th, 2020 and it is your LAST CHANCE to buy whatever is still in stock at the price I have paid or even less!
Choose from the best Scrapbooking and crafts brands directly here: 
Everything is just under www.carolinaghelfi.com/50-off 
But hurry up! Stock is really going fast and on July 1st the entire website will be gone to give birth to a completely new adventure...
Now.... www.carolinaghelfi.com, as of July 1st... 
My website is under a huge transformation right now and it will be relaunched in July once the e-shop is closed with some incredible content!
Here's a sneak peek of what's coming ;) 
  • A collectible interactive (online) magazine section for e-learning in the most innovative and fun way (*if you got the Edition n.1 already, please read the final paragraph of this post ;) )
  • A digital kits and products section, ideal for our growing international community, full of products that I will be designing for you to just download instantly -no matter where you are in the world-, and print out to use in your projects, or to play along with my tutorials and lessons (future is here, no more shipping and waiting hassles!) 
  • A brand-new V-log section full of free tips and ideas! This will be replacing the blog section of the website, as I must admit, no matter how much I like writing, most of you would prefer watching a  quick fun video than reading a lengthy post, right? ;)  
  • An events section for LIVE LESSONS and WORLKSHOPS! That you can register for (some will be free, some for a fee) to share fun quality time with me (can't wait!!!)... Here I'll host both, live video broadcasts where you can interact with me via a live chat, but ALSO, live interactive lessons via ZOOM so we can actually see each other as if we were actually sharing a classroom! :) 
  • A Physical Products sections where I will be offering only BUNDLES of products of whatever remains after the closure of the e-shop, usually accompanied by lessons or tutorials, plus some occasional limited edition products I'll be offering.
But for now...
a) don't miss out on the HUGE HUGE SALE! (you'll regret not to)
b) join my facebook group, The BujoScrap Club HERE if you haven't already as in July, after the nightmare of the e-shop sale is over, we'll finally start PLAYING AND HAVING FUN! (not just with Cancionero but also with ATC swaps that will be free for everyone in the group! 
*NOTE (for those who bought the first edition of the BujoScrap magazine):
I can't thank enough your trust, support and enthusiasm in this transformation process!
All contents of the edition you bought (what you already got and what is yet to come) as of July with the new format will be sold separately -by topic- but you'll get them all at no additional price, with free access to the paid lessons I will be giving for each part, so you can make the most of each section and contents! Can't wait for this!  :) 
"If we don't change, we don't grow.
If we don't grow, we aren't really living."
Let's change together and see our creative lives evolve before our eyes ♥ 
Stick around! ;) 
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