My keto adventure - Q&A

 Here are the most recurrent requestions I am getting so far and my responses... Remember I am not a doctor nor a nutrician, just a highly motivated Keto beginner, happy with my results so far, replying to questions based on my own experience  :)
What's the scale that you use that sends all that information to your phone?
It's one that gives you not just your weight, but also your body mass, muscles, water level, and a lot more, sending all that info straight to your phone wirelessly. REALLY useful to keep track of your progress and understand your body responses!
The first is the one I bought from with 2 extra alternatives for Italy, then 2 options from, and last 2 from  (In any case, you might need to get Amazon Prime for any of the free shipping options)
What's the app you use to scan your food and keep track of your macros?
It's called Fat Secret, and it´s free! For me as a newby is a real life (and time!) saver!
Here are the links if you want to download it and give it a try :)
Is there any already-made, customizable plan to get started avoiding all the maths? 
Absolutely. You don't have to do that on your own as I am doing (greatly thanks to the above app :))
Nonetheless, I just bought my access to an online platform that offers an 8 week plan full of recipies that I can substitute for others with just a click and it recalculates all portions and combinations automatically to adjust your macros. You can also change your daily calories requirements and it will automatically change the whole plan accordingly. I am finding it really useful so far! 
It also comes in Spanish! but the translations are not the best.  If you want to have a look, I got it here:
After I bought it I found this other one for about the same price that I might get too if I need more variety. Not sure if it is customizable though as the Custom Keto Diet, but I love all the contents that it promises and the 28-day challenge. I think it could be a great idea for newbies like me. Worth having a look at it here:
If you get it, let me know how you like it so we can help others to decide if it's worth or not. It looks very promising to me :) 
Any books you recommend to understand how Keto works and how to get started?
Information is key! It was my starting point. Reding a lot... processing... deciding if it was for me, and then I got started.
And although I think I can manage it completely on my own with all I have read, I still went for the Custom Keto Diet plan above to have some handy help if needed. I feel safer this way with tons of options to play with :) 
Here are a few of the highest ranked books in Amazon to save you time on your search.

In English...

English books from - Most have a digital version to download right away. Some are free for Kindle Unlimited!

In Italian...

Italian books from - I own the second one only and found it useful... I want to gradually incorporate the rest :) 

In Spanish...

Spanish books from - I may be incorporating the 5th soon, great reviews and looks very tempting ;)
If you are from Argentina or other Spanish speaking countries that do not have a local Amazon store, here are some digital ones that you can download instantly from Amazon USA! Some are free for Kindle Unlimited
This is all for now... I will be updating this page with more resources and links to related posts in my blog or videos as I create them. Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter (below) so you know when there's new content.
Please note that a good part of the links provided above, including the ones to Amazon, are Affiliate links which means that if you buy from them I may get a commission for that at no extra cost for you. Thanks in advance for your support!
It helps me a lot to continue working hard to create more valuable content for you ♥
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