My BujoScrap School is now open!
Here you can: 
a) Take individual courses in the format "30 days to..."
b) Buy my BujoScrap Magazine + Courses, each with 15 days full of lessons and fun!
Access Individual Courses: "30 days to..."

These courses will give you 30 days of learning and fun!

They are self-paced, you can join in whenever you want, and take it at your own times.

You will find 30 units intended for you to do one per day, each day a new video lesson + practice activities + a project to put it in action!

I am sure you will love this format! Take it as a 30-day challenge ;) 

Chameleon LEVEL 1 course is already on pre-launch sale!!! (Starts on November 1st, 2020)

Get my BujoScrap Course + Magazine (+ free Digi kit!)

Here you will find all my Course + Magazine editions.

I will be launching a new one on the 1st and 15th of each month!

Each edition includes:

  1. Access to a private classroom (facebook group) where all video lessons are organized in 15 units intended to give you something to learn and something creative to do each day untill the release of the following edition ;) 

  2. A free collectible magazine with a summary of all the contents in the classroom for easy printing and reference. 

  3. A free digital kit containing decorated papers and BujoScrap elements for you to print and have fun! 

Main contents covered in each edition: 

  • Zendoodling

  • Lettering

  • Creative techniques 

  • BujoScrap with a lesson on both, Bullet journaling and Simplified notebook-friendly scrapbooking

You can either start by Edition 1 and take each at your own pace, or get the ones that you like most (you can always go back to the previous editions any time :) )

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