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 No subscription needed.  Just buy your desired course and it is yours for ever so you can take each lesson at your own pace and times.
** Skillshare is an online education platform that works under a very affordable monthly or yearly subscription plan.
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Just bear in mind that you only have access to all contents for as long as you remain a Premium Skillshare member.
New to BujoScrap, lettering or any of the other contents of my courses?
Want to learn something I do that is not part of the available classes?
Need my personalized live feedback on your creative work or progress?
Now you can book a private zoom call with me, just the 2 of us, to address your specific needs, at your preferred time and in your own language! 
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My special courses
While I migrate and load my courses onto Skillshare, don´t miss out on these ones, available RIGHT NOW ♥
30 days to chameleon expert banner.jpg
Here I teach you all my secrets for perfect single pen blends, amazing color-to-color gradations, stunning art with the refill inks, best way to keep your pens as new for ever, and so much more!
30 days, 30 units and almost 60 videos in each language for a lifetime of fun! ♥
(You'll get access to the full course in all 3 languages: English, Spanish and Italian)
My Free BujoScrap Course!
On top of all that, I have free BujoScrap lessons for you!
Just join my BujoScrap Club and participate each Friday for a 25-minute LIVE class in each language (English, Spanish and Italian) ♥
Store Training
As a professional freelance product demonstrator, artist, teacher and store trainer for Chameleon Art Products, in isolation or in combination with other brands, I offer special consultancy services for stores and distributors.
Follow this link to discover how I can help you improve your sales:
Questions or specific needs? Email me:
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