Welcome to my online school - Live!
Join me in my LIVE interactive BujoScrap-related courses, and enjoy each of my lessons as if we were sharing the same classroom, for real!
♥ Get your FULL PASS to my online school ♥
  • Limited number of students
  • A new LIVE lesson each Thursday (at least 4 new lessons each month) on topics related to BujoScrap, Bullet Journaling, Scrapbooking, Lettering, Zentangling and more!
  • A different session for each language (English, Spanish and Italian) - you choose which language to attend or atend them all! 
  • Personalized feedback and guidance as I watch you practice
  • Exclusive free content and printables, not available elsewhere 
  • A free bonus for a new BujoScrap digikit each month
  • Free access to matching courses in my online self-learning platform in case you miss a class and for additional for follow up activities
All classes will be run on Microsoft Teams so I can see you while you work during class to provide personalized feedback.
You can download Microsoft Teams here for free.
Get your FULL PASS  to all my LIVE weekly classes and SAVE more than 20%, plus all extras!
NOTE: The next page (where you buy your pass) is in English and the system won't allow me to translate it into Spanish or Italian... just find me in the CHAT at the bottom of this page if you have any questions or need my hep! ♥  
Or enroll to any of the upcoming LIVE lessons, individually
No upcoming events at the moment
♥ Remember that all my live lessons are ALWAYS INCLUDED if you get the School Full Pass, saving more than 20% and getting free exclusive printables that are not available elsewhere ♥  
My Skillshare school (self-paced courses)
If you don't need my live encouragement and prefer to take my courses at your own time and pace, then simply enroll to Skillshare here and access all my self-paced lessons... plus tons of other courses done by amazing teachers! 
Enroll following this link and enjoy the first 14 days for FREE:
If you decide to stay, you will be paying Skillshare directly, not me, so follow the instructions on the Skillshare page.
Of course, I'll always be here if you have any questions.
When you are there, make sure to click on the Follow button so you get notified each time I upload a new class there:
NOTE: If you get my SCHOOL FULL PASS above, you will get access to the corresponding classes in Skillshare FOR FREE, no need to subscribe there to get them.
My special courses
While I migrate and load my courses onto Skillshare, don´t miss out on these ones, available RIGHT NOW ♥
30 days to chameleon expert banner.jpg
Where I teach you all my secrets for perfect single pen blends, amazing color-to-color gradations, stunning art with the refill inks, best way to keep your pens as new for ever, and so much more!
30 days, 30 units and almost 60 videos in each language for a lifetime of fun! ♥
(You'll get access to the full course in all 3 languages: English, Spanish and Italian)
My Free BujoScrap Course!
On top of all that, I have free BujoScrap lessons for you!
Just join my BujoScrap Club and participate each Friday for a 20-minute LIVE class in each language (English, Spanish and Italian) ♥
See you there!
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