17 things you can do on my new website ♥ 2020

First of all ... Welcome!

No matter where you live on the planet, 2020 is a year of great adjustments, and for those who know how to take advantage of difficult times, it will also be a year of incredible transformations.

Although I started this process before Covid-19 took the world by surprise and forced us to reinvent ourselves, many of the things that I will be presenting to you on this website are the result of the months of lockdown and the major rethinking that I put myself into, where I redifined all aspects of my life, both personally and in my career, and for sure things would not have taken this turn were it not for the difficult months of forced pause.

Now... the time has come to stop thinking and rethink things to finally LAUNCH, once and for all, and make this project mature and take shape as we go, with the mission not only to positively revolutionize my life, but also that of those who, out of curiosity (or despair 😉), decide to follow me on this adventure.

To begin with, I suggest you go through this "checklist" to know what you can start doing right now on my brand-new website to warm up...

1- Subscribe to my Newsletter!

When you enter www.carolinaghelfi.com for the first time, subscribe to the newsletter by typing your email in the box I set for it... it looks more or less like this:

Every Saturday early morning, I will email you a summary of all the blog posts of the week with their links to fill you with nice ideas to do during the weekend. Make sure to whitelist that initial email so it doesn't end up as SPAM, so you can get them without problems.

In these emails I will include discount coupons, special member promotions and all the news before is announced anywhere else!

As if that were not enough, each newsletter will include an EXCLUSIVE GIFT that will not be found anywhere else and that will be renewed every week ... You can download it directly from the email to print and use in your projects.

All this and more will only be available to those who join the newsletter, so make sure you don't miss out 😉.

If you are not sure if you have subscribed before, do it again (the system will automatically eliminate duplicate emails if necessary) 😉

2- SIGN IN to my site and get a super gift!

Members that are active on my site, no obligation to purchase (all you have to do is create a free account by logging in) will have access to special gifts, exclusive discounts and other benefits that will be available only to members.

To become one, simply look for the LOG IN section:

It is in the upper right part of the web page, and sign in with your data. By doing so you will automatically receive a welcome email with a super gift for you ...

14 printables with an exclusive design taken from my own personal BujoScrap, with a weekly log for each month plus two gold-like versions, one on a white background and one on a turquoise base, all for you to print, customize and use on your Bujo.

There are many things that you can do from your exclusive sector within my website, but I will explain that in another post, for now, make sure to log in! 😉

3- View my Instagram and other social networks posts directly from the web, in the strip of posts that looks like this:

From there, you can click on the post of your preference to go like it in Instagram, so we can interact there too ♥

4- Get to know me better, to learn more about me, about my story and processes, and understand why today you are reading these lines ...

You will find a summary of my last years through the slides of the sector that looks more or less like this:

(If you can't find it, click on the word "ME" in the menu).

5- Leave me your feedback!

If you know me from before, if you have already followed any of my courses, tutorials or workshops, bought my products or we simply interacted and got to know each other, I would love to receive your feedback so I can continue growing, and offering you the best.

You can do so by giving me your little hearts ;) and leaving a comment in the form that looks like this:

6- Find out about Affiliate and Network Marketing that I will be exercising in my blog.

I left this disclaimer visible on the home page to explain how this business model works. I will teach it more in detail in the Online Business sector of the Blog, so that you can try as well it and start to monetize your passions too 😉

7- ¡Chat with me!

If you have doubts and need an immediate response, you can find me online at the website Chat, by clicking on this symbol that you will see in the buttom-right corner of the page (I am available most of the time, sometimes I sleep though... or may be gone to the mountains 😉)

8- Get to know the heart of my new site by clicking on “BLOG” in the menu - https://www.carolinaghelfi.com/blog.

This is where all the action will take place… you will want to get to know it well and to come back regularly, I promise.

There you will find tutorials, ideas and opinions on all the topics that I am passionate about, not only related to the world of BujoScrap and my art, but also about other important aspects in my life, such as the personal and professional transformation and care that I seek, not only related to health and well-being, but also discussing about the online business models that I am following in order to be able to live from what I love, teaching everything I know, so that you can find encouragement too if you wish.

Upon entering the Blog sector, the first thing you see is a carousel with the categories or topics that I will be posting about.

If you click on any of those photos, you access the posts related to that particular topic. The same applies to the column of topics to the left of the carousel, which shows also the number of posts in each category.

All posts will appear by date, ordered from most recent to oldest. As time goes by and the blog gets fed, you will be able to browse the posts by month in the BY DATE sector ♥

All my posts will be published in each of the three languages ​​that I speak (Italian, English and Spanish), clearly identified in the main photo of the post, so that you can choose the version of your preference (in case the title language is not clear enough 😉).

In my blog you will learn about:

- BUJOSCRAP, a concept of my authorship where I merge Bullet Journaling (to organize ourselves) with simplified Scrapbooking (to tell our story in the same notebook).

- LETTERING and modern calligraphy, starting from the basis of learning to know and love our own handwriting

- ZENDOODLING or meditative drawing (which I also like to call “organized doodles”) and its applications to different projects

- (ART) TECHNIQUES, especially those that do not require too much time and that can be applied to a notebook.

- WELLBEING, where I will share my own practices, especially my challenges, to improve my quality of life, hoping to inspire you and in turn find the necessary support to move forward ♥

- (ONLINE) BUSINESS. Here I teach you about all the opportunities that I am learning and testing to monetize my passions online, the results I obtain, my strategies and tips based on my own experiences, with the aim not only of documenting my growth, successes and failures, but also with the hope of helping others who want or need to get started in this world of online business, which I began to explore back in 2001, and that still has so much potential, today more than ever.

- LANGUAGES. The ESL teacher blood in me (because before opening my translation agency I had a language school!) still runs through my veins and I can't stop sharing my adventures and misadventures while learning Italian, my third language. In each post in this sector I will leave you a comparative study of how different things are said in each of the three languages: Spanish, Italian and English, with the risk of falling into the already baptized "Carolinese" (incoherent mixture of the three, that spits out of my mouth more often than I would like, UPS!) - It is a “just for fun” section, although, who knows, we may even impose Carolinese as the official language of this site and simplify the process of having to translate everything 😉

9- INTERACT WITH THE POSTS! When you read any of my posts, leave a brief comment so I know you have been around, and to help me understand your tastes and needs, and hopefully be then able to offer you better content every time. And if in addition to commenting, you give it your Like and share it on your networks, you will be giving me the most beautiful gift that any Blogger can receive, making me immensely happy.

You can start with this very post, so as to warm up and to encourage me in this great new beginning to which I have dedicated so much time, love and dedication ♥

10- Familiarize yourself with the "LEARN" section of the site fromhttps://www.carolinaghelfi.com/magazines-and-courses

Here you will find the new edition of my interactive digital magazines (which I am about to relaunch!) And “premium” courses on various topics. They are 100% online content so you can download them immediately upon buying them, and follow them at your own pace and at any time.

11- Participate in the exclusive groups and communities of each course!

All the contents of the Premium courses are "perennial", they can be purchased at any time and in the order you want. Each of them has an exclusive community (Facebook group) where you can interact forever with anyone who has bought the same content, now or in the future, to exchange ideas, make new friends and continue to grow indefinitely.

12- Download and have fun with my digital kits of paper and accessories from the DIGITAL KITS sector! https://www.carolinaghelfi.com/digital-kits

With each launch of a new online magazine, I will also publish an annex full of printables, all matching the palette and theme of the current magazine edition, which you can download immediately upon purchase, and use them to follow my tutorials so we can start creating together.

Each kit includes more than 2000 decorative elements, among them are design papers, borders, corners, alphabets, envelopes, labels and so much more, all specially designed to decorate your BujoScraps, so that creating in a short timeframe can become a lot easier and fun.

13- Join my BujoScrap Club! (if you are not there yet) https://www.facebook.com/groups/BujoScrapClub/

It was born many years ago as an Argentine Scrapbooking community where we exchanged many experiences, games, teachings and challenges, but above all, where the most beautiful friendships emerged, many of which signed my life forever. Be part of this, our home, to interact informally on all the topics that unite us.

14- Inside the club, have fun documenting your story while we play CANCIONERO together, a Scrapbooking (or BujoScrap) challenge that I will be reactivating with the relaunch of the magazine, so stay tuned because any time now you may find me by surprise on a LIVE video in the club, creating my own layout following the Cancionero rules, so you can play along or at least get inspired to do so after me 😉

The color palette of the Cancionero will always be the same of that in the the current edition of the magazine, and therefore also that of its digital kit! So you have no limiting excuses to join and participate for prizes, while I help you leave a beautiful legacy of your story in your notebooks (which is my real motivation) ♥.

Inside the club I will explain what the game is all about, so join in and stay tuned!

15- Get my BujoScrap stamps line (among other exclusive products) in the LIMITED EDITION section! https://www.carolinaghelfi.com/limited-edition

They are not available anywhere else (except for my partner store in Australia -will tell you all about it in another post) and they will probably not be produced again, so if you like them, don't miss the chance to get them before they are sold out.

They are available in all three languages (and they are flying out fast so don't fall asleep 😉)

16- In that same LIMITED EDITION page, take advantage of the DELUXE COMBOS. They are big sets of products that I have assembled together with everything that was left in stock from my old online store, so you can buy products from the best scrapbooking brands at less of the cost I have paid for them!

Ideal for eager creatives and supplies collectors, as well as for businesses that want to start selling Scrapbooking products without a big commitment. Obviously, this is only while supplies last!

You will regret not taking advantage of these bundles to stock up while you can 😉

17- Follow me on your favorite networks, so you know when there is news on the blog, or on anything else, and so we can interact regularly more easily.

You will find me on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn (hopefully no more networks will be added any time soon... we already have enough with these 😉).

You'll find the links in the footer of the site.

As you will see, I took my time to launch my new website, but there was a reason for it...

This process took me months behind the scenes, and there is still a lot to polish and improve, but the time has come to open the curtains and have you participate in every step from now on... It has been a very lonely few months till now, of a lot of (much needed) introspection, but It is time to begin to walk this path together, to have fun in the process, to learn and enrich each other and, as we say in Argentina, to “hacernos el aguante” (something along the lines of "cope with eachother" but in a good way) in this wonderful game of life...

Because I am convinced that the only way to really grow is by making others grow in the process, I will share on this site, our new home, everything I know and all that I still have to learn.

Welcome back, and THANK YOU for being part of my world.

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