Can a weekend change your life?

This weekend I had the opportunity to present my business in Startup Live Viena and it simply blew my mind! Three days of intense rethinking of my whole business life, reconnecting with my passions and getting the most amazing mentoring, made me grab the courage to FINALLY take that leap of faith I needed to stop tackling a million things at the same time and focus only and entirely in what I love more:


I have been shielding myself behind a huge pile of products and thinking my courses (what I absolutely adore most) were just a way to unwind and relax, something "secondary" not really seen as a business... you know, when you do something you enjoy so much, it never feels like "work", ¿right?

But during this weekend in Vienna with so many business and startup expert advises, I realized I can really make a living out of my true passion: Creating content for you, teaching you all I have learned and exchanging experiences in our growing BujoScrap community... and I realized I have SO MUCH to share!

And yes, this means there are A LOT OF CHANGES coming everywhere in my website, courses, offers, and community... once again, here I am, reinventing myself, each time closer to my dreams, stronger, more convinced that this is exactly what I want to do the rest of my life, my school, my direct contact with you.

As a result of this enlightening weekend, I can tell you already that the eshop will remain open only till stock sells out (stay tuned for offers!!!) whereas the school will get properly structured... It was about time! 😊

The spine of my school will remain the BujoScrap Course and Community. This includes 17 lessons of the amazing fusion of Bullet Journaling to get organized with simplified Scrapbooking to tell your story at the same time, plus the access to the entire community with live sessions, follow-up, new resources and tutorials weekly! (starting as soon as the 17 lessons are up!). And there are additional benefits such as exclusive freebies and discounts tooo 😉

On top of this, I´ll add isolated self-paced courses for those who want to specialize in any of the areas I teach (Lettering/Modern Calligraphy, Journaling, Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, Zendoodling, Coloring etc).

So, you may be asking youserlf… is this the end of my BujoScrap kits and stamp sets? Hopefully not! :) I am aiming at finding a producer/distributor who would like to take over production of my branded products, so don't worry too much... I´ll keep you posted on that! Plus, there will be regular digital products for you to just download and print yourself... I´ll teach you how! 😉 For now, what you need to know is that there are SO MANY GREAT THINGS coming in my online community that you won't like to miss. If you haven't already, join me today in my BujoScrap Course and Community (Price will go up after I finish setting all up, take advantage of the current price while it last ;) )

So, I ask myself again, can a weekend really change your life? Well, after such an intense 3-day session and introspection, I can only say: "Hell, yes!" It is just a matter of trusting myself and taking that leap of faith! Are you ready to take it with me?

I'd love walking this path together with you, learning from each other, sharing our lives and experiences while having tons of fun! THANK YOU for your support, always! And... see you inside my BujoScrap Course and Community to continue talking about the so many things that will happen in there! ;)



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