My BujoScrap school is now open! (ENGLISH)

The time has finally come! ... Time to reveal what I've benn working on so hard for all these months:

My online, sustainable school, where to share everything I know, with quality resources and tons of inspiration... a school that will allow me at the same time to get back in touch with all of you, something I've been missing so much in these months after Covid...

That was one of the goals. Deciding what to do with my online magazine was the other ... Life taught me the hard way that "I'm not superman" (or well ... supergirl?;) ) and I had to accept the fact that I couldn't do both.

And it was right there, at the end of the final lap before the launch of this school, with me already about to put the magazine in the drawer of those good projects for, who knows, one day ... that almost unwittingly and even without permission, while I was putting together the PDF handouts for the classes, these ended up merging with the old magazine to give birth to an obvios solution (so obvious I couldn't see it standing there, right in front of me, all this time)...

The notes from each lesson became the perfect content for the collectible magazine I dreamed of so much. A written summary with photos of the topics covered in the videos of each lesson that you can print and collect with each new edition, to build your own BujoScrap compilation with your favorite topics ... I couldn't ask for more!

... And the first edition is ready! (and it's free for those who bought the "old" Edition n.1 ... write me if this is your case and I'll give you the coupon)

The magazine is, therefore, a printable and collectible summary of the weekly online lesson that I will teach live ... the first one will take place this Wednesday, October 7 (2020)! (I can't wait).

There are three sessions available, one for each language (always based on my Italian time, make the conversion to your own timezone ;) :

ITALIAN: from 17:30 to 19:00

SPANISH: from 19:30 to 21:00

ENGLISH: from 22:30 to 00:00

Each of them, followed by an aditional15-minute Q&A sessions... As you can see, my Wednesdays are going to be long from here on, mostly because of that English lesson that I set up late for me so that my friends from Australia and the US can join me, but ...oh, how nice it will be to see each other again! ♥

These are very agile lessons with lots of content as I always intend to provide you with a variety of useful, interesting and/or fun topics and activities that will keep you busy with little daily homeworks to do while waiting for the launch of the following edition.

I told you, right? There will be a new version every week! :)

This is the format I chose for each one ... tell me what you think ♥

We start each lesson live, softening our hands with ZENDOODLING exercises ... once we warm up, we go to LETTERING where we develop a different Style each time. At this point of the lesson we would like to get even more creative and adventure ourselves into an ART TECHNIQUE, always compatible with the BujoScrap notebook, which will be our support, and the basis of the fourth and last part of each course: applying all of the above in a "BujoScrapper" project!

We have 90 minutes a week, of super rich content ahead!

Once the live lesson and related Q&A session is over, all of the magazine's collectible content, videos and printables will be enabled in the classroom, so you can digest everything we've seen live, at your own pace and in your own time ... You will also find a "BujoScrap road map" with 7 activities to do, one a day, to help you put everything into practice, until we meet again.

The classrooms of each of these editions will be private Facebook groups. When you buy a course, you receive an email with the link to access the corresponding class. You can do it even before the date of the live lesson, so you can review the list of materials necessary and make sure you are ready, while you introduce yourself and meet your schoolmates ;)

The content of the lesson persei will appear in the group on the day of the live lesson, including the collectible PDFs, the videos and explanations of each topic and everything alse needed.

So what do you say? Would you enter the magic world of BujoScrap with me? :) ♥

You can subscribe simply by following the link to Edition n.1 (or by clicking on the photo of the magazine above) to access this first class now that you are also in time to participate in the LIVE session !!! :)

If you are interested in following me regularly, I highly recommend you to evaluate these two options that will help you save a ton!... (they are special launch offers and I don't know how long I will keep them on ;))


Buy access to the first 4 classes - entire month of October - by clicking on the photo of October 2020 and you will get a discount equal to one free edition per month!

Or better yet ...


Buy the first 12 lessons (the three-month Bundle!) and save the equivalent of 4 editions !!! A WHOLE MONTH FREE! (Yes, you buy 3 months but only pay for 2 ...)

I hope these mega discounts give encourage you to start a BujoScrap routine that can truly change your life.

If you've hit this post after the published release dates and live sessions, don't worry because once uploaded to their respective classrooms, all contents stay there forever, so have a look at all the editions that are already published and buy the ones you like best, to process them at any time.

If you prefer to subscribe to the most recent one in order not to miss the live sessions (more fun, right?) :) click on LEARN where you will always find the current week's edition highlighted.

I can't wait to meet you (or see you again) in these weekly parties! They are so rich in content that will not only help you do something creative on a daily basis, but through the benefits of the Bullet Journaling system, you can organize yourself better, improving your productivity, while the magic of simplified scrapbooking will offer you beautiful and easy ways to document your days, re-valorize special moments and reconnect with your loved ones.

Want to give it a try?

You can start here;) ♥

See you in class!

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