New online course: "30 days to... Become a Chameleon Pens expert!

Updated: Oct 28

If you were wondering why so many days of silence in the blog and newsletter, this is the answer... A new cycle begins in my online school!

I was working tirelessly to make another of my dreams come true. Create a new course format, which I decided to call "30 days to..." where I share during 30 days 30 video lessons + 30 practical activities + 30 creative projects, one a day, every day for a whole month of learning and fun on a given topic or product...

And I am launching this new course series on november 1st with my one and only beloved Chameleon pens!

In this course: "30 days to become a Chameleon pens expert" I share all my secrets, the same I use in each of those projects that so many "wow" have earned, the ones I love to use to relax creating when I need to disconnect from the world for a bit... the same I teach at the big international tradeshows working for Chameleon Art Products convincing mega distributors from all over the world to incorporate Chameleons for the simple fact that with the right technique, they are really MAGICAL.

Each of these tips, big and small, and all those techniques and creative ideas compiled in 30 days that you will not want to miss because, even if you have never colored anything in your life, they will make you a real expert... you will not believe the results of your own creations!

Let me take you by the hand in this adventure that is about to begin!

From November 1st 2020, and every day after that for a whole month, you will find a new lesson in the classroom, starting with the most basic tips (which are so obvious that they are normally ignored and this is where the first fundamental mistakes are made on how to make the most of your Chameleon pens), to the most original ideas and techniques that will help you create sophisticated effects that you won't believe you could ever achieve...

And now time for a (as we say in Argentina;) ) "hand washing" DISCLAIMER: Each of the techniques you will learn in this course ARE HIGHLY ADICTIVE. I am not responsible for the level of addiction they can generate in you, nor for the consequences that this entails (although they will be to a large extent, very and colorful positive) ♥


1- What happens if I purchase access to the course before it starts? (i.e. before 1 November 2020)

First of all: YOU'LL BE SAVING UP 30% since it is still on a special pre-launch offer, with which you pay only €30 for the entire course instead of €45, which will be the cost from November 1st (or sooner if we reach the quota of seats that I allow with this discount;))

So, if you plan to take the course, make sure you enroll NOW with the discount by clicking HERE (before it gets full price).

At the time of purchase you will receive a PDF via email with the link to access the classroom (private group on facebook) where you can start meeting your classmates!

2- What if I enroll for the course after it has started (or even finished!) during or after the 30 days of November 2020?


Not a real problem because all the content, videos, exercises and projects will be there, organized into 30 beautiful units so that you can take 1 per day for 30 days anytime you decide to start... I'll still be there to see yours progress and accompany you on this adventure.

The only real disadvantage is that you will pay the full price of the course (45 €) since the mega discount is only for the early birds who bear with me even before starting :) ♥

3- What materials do I need to take the course?

Although it is not essential to have ALL the materials I list below to have a great time with me at the course, here's the list of what I will use so that you check the ones you already have and see what you might still need to buy if you want to play along with me in all the activities...

- Chameleon pens (obviously). At least 3 or 4 colors so you can do all exercises, although of course, the more the better :)

- Chameleon Color tops - Accessories that allow color gradations between two or more colors and not just from light to dark (you need at least two or three)

- Chameleon Detail Pen, double nib, water based. It allows you to draw and then color in with the Chameleon pens without the risk of damaging your designs.

- Chameleon Blender pen - Chameleon's "white" pen that comes in the same format as the Chameleon pens, with a round tip and a brush tip, but with transparent ink instead of colored inks. Used for corrections and special effects.

- Chameleon Ink Refills... For the sake of the course curricula you need at least one refill of the same color as one of your markers and, if possible, another pair of colors to play around with, as I will teach you to use them for alcohol ink art techniques ;).

- Chameleon nibs, get at least one of the three types that are there... brush nib, bullet nib or mixing chamber nib (if you have to buy, get the brush nib of the 3, is the one you will need to replace more often of the 3).

- Marker paper. I personally use my own brand, 70g, bleedproof, A4. Comes in blocks of 50 sheets. We will be using a lot of paper so make sure you have at least one or two such pads. But basically most paper for alcohol markers have a special finishing which makes colors brighter, the ink does not bleed through, also saving ink, and being so smooth, it does not ruin the nibs as much as normal papers. They are definitely worth the investment;)

Soon in my website you will find a list of the best art supplies stores, both in Italy and in the rest of the world :)

That way I will be able to advise you on where to buy everything I use in my tutorials and courses, get treated like a queen/king ♥ and even have some special discounts for my courses when you buy from them ;)

If you run such a store anywhere in the world and you want to be part of this list to offer my students and followers the very best, I definitely want to hear from you! Email me at :)

If you are in Australia, you can get all your supplies from my friend's store: My Oz Craft

They will always go the extra mile for you ♥

4- Do I need any kind of previous experience to take the course?

Absolutely NOT.

This course is designed so that EVERYONE can have a lot of fun, even if you've never picked up a drawing pencil in your life or if you haven't touched your coloring pens since elementary school.

Likewise, if you ARE experienced in coloring, and even in alcohol-based markers, I am sure that this course will still offer you a fresh, fun and different approach, to give your work that little twist you my be needing...

Any more questions?

Comment this post and I´ll be more than happy to get back to you :)

If you are already convinced, GET YOUR PASS STRAIGHT TO THE CLASSROOM RIGHT HERE! and see you in class!!! ♥ (Only a few days left to get started!!! I can't be happier)

If you'd like to know more and actually see a bit of what awaits in class, follow my social media (especially Instagram @carolinaghelfi ) where I'll be sharing photos, reels and videos of everything that I am preparing and that I will post in the classroom from day 1 :)

Hope to see you in class!

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