Set of 60 high quality Scrapbooking and Bullet Journaling clear stamps made in photopolymer.


It includes the days of the week in two different fonts, one simulating brush-lettering, and one matching the alpha font from my stamps set n.1

There's a single stamp containing all days of the week in a 3 letter format, designed to match the grid of a bullet journal, so you can enter all days of the week for the entire month in your monthly logs making you save time ;) 


There's a count-down tracker set of stamps consisting of a frame that you can personalize with the 0-31 number circles and the different celebration stamps. It was especially designed for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and New Year, but you can personalize them even further by adding any other occation that you are tracking the "days to..."


Since this kit was launched in December, it includes some Seasons decorations and frames that can also be used for any other celebration. The frames in all my stamp sets are designed to be used in combination with the calendar and grid stamps in sets n.2 and n.3.


A5+ format (much bigger than most stamp sets). The packaging is meant to be recycled, using the cardstock as stamp divider for your organizer...

Mount them in any acrylic block, ink them, and have fun!


Set of 60 Clear Stamps - Let's Celebrate- A5+ - Collectible ♥ CG

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