Set of 28 high quality Scrapbooking and Bullet Journaling clear stamps made in photopolymer.


It includes a romantic fantasy set of stamps made of flying castles and cute little birds. A couple of quotes from childhood clasical stories, books, flowers and swirls.


There's a double frame designed to be used either combined or in isolation, both meant to be combined with the calendar and grid stamps in sets n.2 and n.3, as well as with the set of journaling lines included in this set and the task-related titles (Today's focus, Study, Birthdays etc).


The most romantic set in my collection, also ideal for Valentine's projects!


A5+ format (much bigger than most stamp sets). The packaging is meant to be recycled, using the cardstock as stamp divider for your organizer...

Mount them in any acrylic block, ink them, and have fun!


Set of 28 Clear Stamps - Once upon a time - A5+ - Collectible ♥ CG

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