Welcome to my "30 days to..." course series!

This is your pre-sale ticket to the course:

30 DAYS TO... CHAMELEON EXPERT! (Level 1). All you need to know about Chameleon Art products (alcohol-ink related ;) )


Secure your spot now and pay 1/3 less! - only a few spots available at this price.

Course starts on November 1st, 2020, and on DAY 1 price will go back to full (if reduced price spots don't sell out before).


For less than a coffee a day, starting on November 1st and untill the end of the month, I will teach you a different skill or technique each day so you can go from total beginner to a Chameleon Pens expert!




We'll cover all you need to know about alcohol pens:

Why Chameleons are so special, different ways to use them, blend and fuse colors, 1-pen and multi-pen coloring techniques, the use of the blender pen, the use of the detail pen, the world of colortops (several techniques), how and when to refill and replace nibs, how to troubleshoot problems or solve mistakes, applications to different projects, even for "notebook junkies" like me!  (because... yeah... people say NEVER USE ALCOHOL PENS IN NOTEBOOKS, but I do, and it's soooo cool ;) 


Stay tuned to my blog and newsletter where I will be telling you more about this launch :) 


In the meantime, secure your spot at a reduced price! (buy this access NOW ;) ) and start getting your supplies: Chameleon Pens, Color Tops, nibs, papers, ink refills and cards 

If you want to save BIG TIME on them, consider these bundles from my old store clearance (only a few left!): 


BUNDLE 2: Chameleon alcohol ink pens, color tops, nibs, ink refills and paper. 

BUNDLE 3Chameleon coloring cards, pens, colortops & WeR memory keepers cards, envelopes and stickers.



When you buy this course, you will get a PDF in your email to access the classroom (a facebook group). To enter you will be asked your name & email as you entered here to buy your access, along with your order number, so keep that handy!


For any questions, email me at info@carolinaghelfi.com (or find me in the chat here in my website!)

See you in the classroom!


Online Course: "30 days to... Chameleon EXPERT!" -Level 1 (Eng/Ita/Esp)

€45.00 Regular Price
€30.00Sale Price
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