This is Edition N.1 of my BujoScrap Magazine + Course.


Each edition includes lessons + 15 activities to do on the following topics: 

  • Zendoodling - A different pattern and technique each time
  • Lettering - A new lettering style to add to your skills and to BujoScrap
  • A notebook-friendly Creative Technique
  • A Bullet journaling lesson
  • A Simplified scrapbooking lesson, template and step by step instructions
  • A BujoScrap project to put all the above in action!


It is designed in a way to give you a daily task to do each day for 15 days! 

There's going to be a new edition waiting for you at the end to continue your BujoScrap adventure ;) 


When you buy this edition, you will get a PDF in your email to access the classroom (a facebook group). To enter you will be asked your name & email as you entered here to buy your access, along with your order number, so keep that handy!


For any questions, email me at (or find me in the chat here in my website!)


See you in the group!



IMPORTANT: If you buy this Edition 1 of magazine + course from October 1st to 15th, 2020, you'll get my personalized feedback on everything you do and share in the group, for free!

As soon as a new edition is published, I move to that group for feedback.

If you get this edition later on, NO PROBLEM! you'll get a really packed course full of fun stuff to learn and do, and you can always reach me by email in case of questions :) 

The BujoScrap Magazine + Course - Edition 1 - (English/Italiano/Español)

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