Training for Creative Stores
Exciting news!
I am migrating all courses and trainings onto the Skillshare learning platform!
As soon as thy are published there, you'll find a preview here and a link to jump right in!
Skillshare will make it super affordable for all stores to stay up to date with my trainings, reducing drastically the costs of my former courses to just less than €14 a month, with which you'll get access not only to my courses for stores, but also to all my end-user courses as well as to all the 25000+ courses that are there at Skillshare created by other amazing teachers from around the world!
Stay tuned!
It's just a matter of days till we get started!
In the meantime, follow this link to my Skillshare profile:
Once there, make sure to click on the Follow button so you get notified each time there's a new course:
my profile image with arrow to CLICK TO
Following that link to my profile, when you subscribe, you get a 14-day free trial access (instead of the usual 7-day) where you have access to all 25000+ courses FOR FREE (including mine as soon as they are there!) and if you decide to stay you only pay less than €14 a month... for all courses and trainings! 
That is a fraction of what one of my courses alone used to cost!
Isn't this great news?!
Let's start this 2021 together! ♥
See you there!
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